Hanna Marin probably likes girls :)

Scott McCall probably likes boys

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When he said “We can make Preller happen” at the Pannibal… he wasn’t actually being serious, was he?

i love how fuller is just “you are now a queer character and you are gonna fucking like it or so help me”

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He’ll text me at like 12 in the morning and be like ‘Hey dude what’s up?’ I’m like ‘I’m sleeping… what are you doing?’ And he’s like ‘Just hanging out.’
Tyler Posey on his relationship with lil Dyl Spray (x)

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Is Scott finally going to turn? Like fully turn? Cause it looks like we saw a different kind of makeup…? Yeah a lot of what Scott struggles through this season is him not becoming the monster that Peter was. He’s really feeling out of control and thinks that may happen. So he’s dealing a lot with murder - He doesn’t want to murder anybody you know? Scott’s never killed anybody. Because he believes in saving peoples lives. And he doesn’t feel like he has to resort to murder. So he’s going to deal with that - I get chills talking about it. It’s so cool dude. It’s the best storyline arc that Scott’s ever had. He really is battling not turning into Peter. […] Is Peter going to use that to his advantage? Oh my god yeah. Peter’s got a plan and I feel like he’s had this plan ever since season 1. […] It’s safe to say that it’s going to come down to Scott vs Peter.

Tyler Posey talking about the rest of Scott’s arc in season 4 (source)


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Anonymous asked: I just want to know if auntpol feels the same about stiles who is also sitting there with the money with bills to pay. that's all i want to know. unrelated but maybe arden was missing due to this movie she's been filming

she follows athenadark, an outed vile racist. don’t hurt yourself searching for logic in all of this

but yeah I figured maybe it was a filming thin. It was still just super weird to see all this happening and Kira’s just… not there.